Probably the best thing I've done for my business in around 5 years.
Lisa Whitty, The Hay Experts
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The Branding Masterclass

An inspirational and creative four-week journey into creating a powerful brand

Perfect for business owners who want to create a brand with traction: one that engages your ideal clients, differentiates you from your competitors and makes you proud.

Powerful branding is all about creating a niche that only you can own and really defending it from your competitors. It's about attracting the profitable clients: the ones who really value what you do and are prepared to spend what you want to charge. And it's about communicating in a way that inspires and motivates your clients to want to do business with you.
Join us on this four week journey and I'll inspire you to think big, gain clarity around your brand and explore the ingredients of an engaging brand identity and powerful website that will truly resonate with your current and prospective clients.

Book your place today and join dozens of supportive and inspirational business owners in the same boat as you.

Focus, clarity, inspiration Knowledge & Mentoring to create a truly powerful brand
21st Jan - 15th Feb 2013

Four weeks to a powerful brand

  • Get focused on what you want to be known for and get ready to move forwards
  • Picture your ideal clients and start talking to them effectively
  • Understand which elements of your brand identity are working, which aren't and what to do about it
  • Learn how to spot the marketing opportunities that will really make a difference to your bottom line
  • Plan to create a website that wins you profitable business
  • Discover how to create communications that will blow your clients away
  • Gain clarity, be energised and reconnect with your business
  • Be inspired to think big about what's possible and gain the confidence to make it happen!

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