Frequently Asked Questions

Will I just be working through this on my own?

Most certainly not! This isn't an autoresponder or a set of DVD's! This is a virtual classroom with a real teacher and real students. The main reason I only run these classes at a particular time in the year is because I want to create that community and be sure I set time aside to give you all the support you need.

You may be working through this class from your kitchen table or garden shed, but you'll be in a virtual classroom surrounded by supportive and inspirational classmates from all around the world. Three times a week I'll be encouraging you to look at different aspects of your brand: from what you want to be known for to how you create a blog that wins you more business. And I'll be there when you need me: to mentor, advise and encourage you to think about how you get your business to where you want it to be. 

I already have a logo and website I'm happy with, is this course for me?

There's more to a powerful brand than a lovely website and attractive logo. A powerful brand is also about finding and owning a niche that attracts the right sorts of clients; being able to deliver on what you promise and sending out the right messages about your business. Even if your brand identity is spot on, you should find plenty of value in the elements of the class that get you to focus hard on your niche and the marketing elements.

I always use a graphic designer for my design work, what will I get from the class?

Do you ever feel as though your branding is “given” to you rather than it being a part of you? You know, as though you don’t really own it? This class will help join the dots between you, your brand and your customer and help you understand how to brief your designer much more effectively. The result: something that’s much more powerful!
You’ll also benefit from the focus, the marketing elements and the website planning.

I can't guarantee I'll be available at a particular time, will the masterclass work?

Absolutely! There is no dialling in, no checking in at a particular time or anyone monitoring when or how you receive your course material. And I promise we won't be "marking" your homework or chasing you up if the dog ate it! You can work through the masterclass at your own pace, and we will be here to inspire, provide support and generally get your business brand into much better shape for the year ahead.

I'm a startup with limited funds. Am I going to be able to implement any of what I learn without spending a fortune on a logo and website?

This isn’t about throwing everything out and starting again. This is about you making small changes that will result in big shifts, making your brand more powerful and doing business easier.

The vast majority of this masterclass is dedicated to helping you with the bits you can do yourself. Defining your brand personality, finding your niche, planning your communication, working out how you deliver what you promise: all of that can be done without spending a lot (if any) money. What matters is that you plan.

It's too easy to get lost in the day to day of your business without looking up and thinking strategically. This masterclass is all about getting you to think smarter. To start to think about some of the things you can do that will make a real difference in your business.

There are plenty of things that you can do to improve the effectiveness of your brand without spending any money. What I hope is that by giving you the tools and information to create a powerful brand, you'll be inspired to set about taking action to really grow your business.

How will this course be different to your one day Branding Workshop?

The hugely popular branding workshop gets our guests focused on their messaging and market niche and gives them the clarity around the look and feel thanks to a creative afternoon mood board session. We find that our clients love the inspiration this workshop gives them, as well as a clear purpose.
The idea behind the masterclass is that this is a branding workshop with bells on! The benefit of having this masterclass over four weeks is that we can pack in much more content and many more exercises than is feasible on a one day workshop.

The branding workshop effectively covers much of the content up to week two of the masterclass, but you'll find that there are a lot of added extras in the masterclass such as bringing customers to life and more detail on the typography and creative elements of brand identity. We also cover marketing planning (available as part of our Focus and Flourish workshop), communication planning and website planning (not currently available as workshops).

How will the course actually work?

This is a self-paced ecourse with content delivered into the virtual classroom online three times a week. The "classroom" is a password protected blog where you'll be able to share ideas, ask questions and gain feedback and support in a safe and supportive environment.

You can work through the content at a time of your choosing, so no need to worry about babysitters or other commitments - it fits flexibly around you. And if you miss a week because you're lucky enough to be away, don't worry, you can just catch up the following week.

All I ask is that you try and find a couple of hours a week to really focus on what we cover.

I'm a graphic/ web designer. Can I join the class?

Absolutely! We've had a number of designers on each class and they've been thrilled at the creative inspiration and level of information that we share. All we ask is that you don't solicit for business from your classmates and that you recognise that the information shared is for your personal use only and may not be repurposed for your own business/ clients.

Do I need any particular software to join in?

The short answer is no! This is a class that's very much focused on giving you the focus, inspiration and knowledge to take your brand forwards. The emphasis is much less on you designing your own brand identity and much more around giving you the knowledge to be able to improve what you have with the aid of a graphic designer (or yourself if you have the skills!).

I'm a blogger, I don't really have a business as such, is this the right course for me?

Most certainly! We've had a number of professional bloggers on our classes to date and they've really benefited from taking the time out to focus, the creative inspiration and the networking opportunities through their classmates. Through the class they've also been able to explore new revenue streams as well as gaining a real handle on the visual side of their blogs. We'd love to have you!

An excellent course for people like myself who are new to all this but have an idea and wish to put that into action.
Abi Murray, Quirky Rose Harissa
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